Dāvis Ūlands is a talented and experienced photographer, ornithologist and explorer, currently living in Riga, Latvia. Dāvis’ creative and curious mind, deep connection with the nature and wide knowledge about bird and animal life have helped him to capture the beauty and uniqueness of well known places and creatures in Latvia, Norway, Finland, New Zealand and many other regions.

Dāvis work reflects a unique insight and understanding of the rhythms, lights, shadows, movements and stillness of the ,out-of-the-city life, and gives a new sense of nature as our friend and companion. Early mornings and late nights, the dusk and the dawn, cloudy skies and foggy afternoons are exactly what he needs to capture a perfect shot – and when he does, you can almost feel the sun on your skin, the mist on your fingers, the wind in your hair, and the smell of grass and forest in your nose. In Dāvis photographs, nature becomes real and close, here and now.

Dāvis stories and photographs have been featured in magazines and online media in Latvia and abroad – Baltic Outlook, Ir Brīvdienas, etc. Apart from his personal projects and photography journeys, he has also worked on interdisciplinary projects in order to promote nature and environmental activism causes. Dāvis photography exhibition …. , created together with environmental organization homo ecos:, was exhibited in more than 8 cities in Latvia. He is a founder and a member in several nature protection organizations, including LOB, Latvijas Pūču Biedrība, Pēdu Stāsti, and often is a speaker in bird protection related events.

Dāvis works with Nikon gear.


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